Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the last day of the last year.and a lucid description of working with porceline imagery

a day of tuidying yesterday was. moving things out studio plaque and tata. gallery freshening up and dusting. why can I not build my studio in a wind sock then I should never again be needing to dust. this last year has been a good one. I have removed so many unesesary tasks from my life. things we all asume to be vital. I made ceramics my only priority. It was inspiring watching civilization slide and melt in places as a walked past the laberinth of used dishes no no another day for you lot I am in the middle of some of the greatest discoveries one can make. and as for the ever growing mountain of sweepings in the center of every room that too proved a usefull activity as it minimized the ammount of places to look for lost objects. 

 I heard of a university studdy that wrote an equation for sucsess. 10 years or 10 000 working hours. well I certainly am not stopping at 10 000 hours. my focus shifted to pottery in 1990 and I dont belive I will ever shift my focus away from cerammics ever. the science of art the art in the science and the art of artfullness the gentleness of porcelain the almost homeopathic dilutions of metals creating colours vived and sureen. then shape curve tension and lastly grasping the form of an aingel and incising painting washing the porcine surface till flight is so certain that one fears the immages may take to the celing or find there ways to flying up to those other worlds where from they wisper. 

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